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Free access to global investing news, subsidies, rumours. Reach trend analysis and investment, fundrise and financial data via breaking news.

Investsize as the first investment data search engine helps you reach the data first in the invest world.

Investsize is starting the corporate testing collaboration with Dentons soon.
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Publish your news in just 2 steps.
Investment Data

As the investment data is the most valuable currency,the sooner you know, the faster you will act.

You will explore investment data filtering the tags to have insights on deals to beat the competiton in good time up to our tags of,





In progress



Investion phase, breaking news


Disposals, buys, exits, fundrises


Mergers and acquisitions


Exit strategies and sale phases


Deal structures, ticket sizes and valuations


Trends in corporate strategies


Trending News

Investsize App updates and adds new investing news and data instantly all over the world.


Find the right investment that will be the next Unicorn.


You may find the right investment that will be the next Unicorn among the Investsize Trending investment news.


STAY UP-TO-DATE on the latest global news and developments.

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Watch Investment News

Watchlist: Hassle-free tailored investment news on demand instantly

Get custom insight both about companies & their related competitors.

You will stay connected both with your target company list and their related competitors. Investsize as an investing data expert makes it easy to stay connected with the investing companies and investors you care about. Follow any company or investor to get updates on their latest finance news, funding rounds, investing runs, acquisitions, and more by simply adding the companies to your watchlist.

SET UP NOTIFICATIONS to track the latest data in your areas of interest whether it’s a specific company or related company to the ones in your watchlist.

You will keep an eye on your target companies, investors, their competitors, partners and relations.

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Trends: Catch the Global Investing Trends with Sharp Analysis

Monitor the latest trends instantly and get the specific trend reports free.

Research Investment Trends

Get instant access to industry reports and market analysis to stay ahead of the competition.

Get instant access to industry reports and market analysis to stay ahead of the competition. You can stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends and uncover new investment opportunities. The application also provides powerful analytics to help you make better decisions. Get the insights you need to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

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Reach The Analysis Report

Download or export your analysis report. This Investing Report summarises key observations in the investing ecosystem.

Download or export your analysis report. This Investing Report summarises key observations in the investing ecosystem. Investsize has assembled information about key industry trends, out of the investment news of hundreds of thousands companies. The digest outlines the major investing rounds and relevant investment trends, illustrating the industry’s traction and readiness with the top ten specific investment data by which we have derived the results out of company, region, country, industry and other relevant information.

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Search Investment

Search: Free advanced search without constraints to explore Investment Data


NO LIMITS for Free Structured Searches by

Invest Data Expert


Reach investment data that you can’t find using a regular search engines.


You may explore more specific investment data filtering the tags in the Search Results Pages.

"Rumour/ In progress/ Realized/ Incentive/ Investment/ Economy”


You can add these Search Result Data to your archive in My Page or share instantly with your team mates.

Get custom insight both about companies & their related competitors.

Conducting a robust market research has become a crucial part of the investing process with the rise of tech world. But research can be hard - it requires precision and an organized approach. That's why Investsize makes finding and tracking investments easier than ever before with our unique Data Processing System

GET ACCESS to exclusive data, breaking news and insights. Get the latest news on funding rounds, acquisitions, finance and more. Use Investsize’s advanced search capabilities to find companies that meet your criteria. With detailed profiles of investors, you can easily identify potential partners for your business. You will have access data required for both investing beginners and experts.

Let Investsize do the research for you and get back to what matters most - making informed decisions that drive your business forward

You can easily share insights, archive news to collaborate on projects in real-time. With the ability to create custom alerts, you can stay up-to-date on the latest global news and developments in your industry.

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No Learning Curve

With the Investsize App’s user friendly design, you can make your researches like a pro instantly.

Start researching all investment data free. If you are a business investor or entrepreneur looking for an easy way to discover new investings, investment calculators or financial news and engage with the financial community, Investsize App is just a great investment tracker tool for you. With its advanced search capabilities, cutting-edge analytics, and timely notification alerts, it is the go-to platform that allows you to stay connected while getting back to the things that matter in her advanced archiving feature.

With Investsize, investing has never been easier or more efficient -- users can now quickly find novel opportunities and monitor ongoing industry trends with ease.

You will be able to track the investment news to learn how to invest in stocks, real estate, cryptocurrency briefly how to invest in money markets in addition how to invest in the companies in the real and technical industries.

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Investment Data Collection

How Do We Collect Data

Investsize as an investing data expert reaches directly to the investors, investing companies and Public Relations Firms to get the latest investing news, investment runs and data in the highest quality from the original source of news directly.

Data Processing System

Our multilayered data processing system supported by machine learning allows our multifarious approach to data collection. Over 500+ algorithms search for and validate our data on a daily basis by which we follow almost all of the global investing news publications to make sure that we are reaching each important investing news, incentive release, economy news release, funding round, merge and acquisitions and even rumours tagging them exclusively.

Our in-house editors provide manuel verifications when needed to edit the headlines to digitize the the news.