Energy facility developers with ties to British electricity and gas utility company National Grid plan a $100 million plant in Central Massachusetts, U.S., that would create, store and ship liquefied natural gas (LNG).

The Northeast Energy Center, a project of Liberty Energy Trust and NorthStar Industries, is proposed for 12 acres of a 220-acre site near Route 20 and the Massachusetts Turnpike.

At the proposed facility, natural gas sourced from the Tennessee Gas Pipeline would be cooled to a liquid state, potentially at the rate of 250,000 gallons per day. The plant would be able to store nearly 1 million gallons of LNG in 10 tanks. The gas could then be transported by truck.

National Grid earlier solicited developers to help it implement its LNG strategy, and the proposal by Northeast Energy Center was chosen. Other utilities, manufacturers, and generators could also potentially make use of the LNG.