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Investsize collects, processes and delivers investment data in all sectors for you using artificial intelligence and creates investment trends. All you have to do is choose the sectors or companies you are interested in and set the investment sizes that you prefer…

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How To Use ?

Just write the name of the company you are interested in.
You can interpret the investments made by the company and the companies most relevant to that company.

  • Filter according to your request,
  • Save the news you choose to your archive or send it to your friends,
  • Reach the news you have recorded with the search bar whenever you want,
  • From the app's excellent investment data pool, reach the most approximate current trends,
  • List investment opportunities in the world

We provide instant service to the company it follows and the developments of other companies related to it.
All you have to do is enter the name of the company you are interested in and determine the relevance dimension.
In addition, to be informed about investment opportunities, you can enter the investment area and amount size and ensure that investment opportunities reach you.

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Save & Archive, access anytime anywhere

Save the investment data you desire and attract your attention and add it to your own private archive. Access easily whenever you want. Interpret movements in the market.

You can also save different commercial real estate alternatives from around the world and create your own alternative portfolio.

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Why use Investsize?


Access all investment data in the world from a single platform.


It's completely free to use, no hidden fees.

Instant Notifications

All developments in your field of interest are in your pocket with instant notifications.


Filter all data according to your needs.

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Best Performance

The largest number of investment data publications and services in the world.


Commercial real estate opportunities from all over the world.

Customizable Choices

Your choices, your specific results, can be archived and saved.

User Friendly

Easy to use and understandable design.


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