Payment Terms

Customer agrees to pay for all products ordered through the Investsize website or via the Investsize sales team using the payment method indicated, and provides Investsize express authorization to charge said fees to the Customer’s payment provider at time of purchase or renewal. Fees owed depend on the specific type and quantity of Investsize products, services, information, or deliverables (collectively “Deliverables”) ordered. Payment of fees shall not be contingent on any events other than the delivery of the ordered Deliverables. Any attorney fees, court costs, or other costs incurred in collection of delinquent undisputed amounts shall be the responsibility of and paid for by Customer. If payment is not current, Investsize may immediately cease to provide any and all Deliverables to the Customer. The fees do not include sales, use, excise or any other taxes or fees now or hereafter imposed by any governmental authority with respect to the Deliverables. At Investsize’s option, Customer shall pay such taxes or fees directly or pay to Investsize any such taxes or fees immediately upon invoicing by Investsize. Investsize is required to collect sales tax on purchases in select states. Recurring charges will include sales tax in accordance with applicable laws of your state. Customer loyalty or product bundle discounts are subject to cancellation. For yearly subscriptions, Investsize may increase subscription prices annually, on the anniversary of the subscription’s start date, by a percentage equal to the percentage increase in the Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers, Seasonally Adjusted, US City Average. To view your billing information, visit My Account. Monthly Premium subscriptions will automatically renew using the Customer’s current credit card account number unless Customer or Investsize cancels the subscription three (3) days prior to the renewal date. Customer cancellations should be made online via the “My Account” tab, once Customer has logged into The fees paid for monthly subscriptions are non-refundable, regardless of whether the subscription is terminated prior to the end of the then-current monthly billing period. No partial month refunds will be provided. Except as otherwise provided herein, all other member subscriptions, including quarterly and annual commitment subscriptions, will automatically renew for additional terms equaling the original term unless Customer or Investsize provides three (3) days’ advance written notice of non-renewal. Quarterly and annual commitment subscriptions may be canceled as of the end of term only; no mid-term cancellations will be permitted. All cancellation and non-renewal requests by Customer will be processed within five (5) business days. Once the cancellation is processed, a confirmation email will be sent via the Customer’s email account on record with Investsize. If Customer has a question about a cancellation, Customer should contact Investsize Client Services at or at +90-242-2290600. The Company reserves the right to change its fees or billing methods at any time. The Company will provide timely notice to the affected Customers of any such changes. It is the Customer’s responsibility to promptly provide the Company with any contact or billing information changes or updates (including phone number, email address, credit card numbers, etc.). Account updates should be made online via the “My Account” tab, once Customer has logged into Investsize does not validate all credit card information required by the Customer’s payment provider to secure payment. The Customer must notify Investsize about any billing problems or discrepancies within 90 days after charges first appear on their Account statement. If it is not brought to Investsize’s attention within 90 days, Customer agrees to waive their right to dispute such problems or discrepancies. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the Licensee Agreement, if any, Investsize reserves the right to discontinue the provision of all or any portion of the Deliverables, in which case (i) Customer shall only be responsible for paying fees associated with that portion of the Deliverables (if any) that continue to be provided after the effective date of such termination, and (ii) Investsize shall refund any fees (if any) paid by Customer for provision of the discontinued Deliverables after the effective date of such termination.